A Word from Executive President

Welcome to Nagrik Foundation!

Started with a humble beginning as a small development-catalyst organization from the land of Hardoi, we are now emerging as a pioneering NGO with capability in integrated SDG implementation. Our overarching mission is to reach out to the community in the interiors of the country through innovative development interventions.

In view of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Foundation has recently re-aligned its Vision and Mission. In the light of universal agreement to end poverty and transforming the world through 17 SDGs and 169 targets, the Foundation has already started a number of activities. One major feature of our envisioned working is to shift from sector focus to develop generic competencies for supporting effective implementation of UN SDGs.

In order to mainstream sustainable development initiatives in India in line with the emerging global developments, we have been member to leading international development initiatives, including UN Global Compact. We have started research and publication activities as a strong foundation to knowledge dissemination, data update and sharing related to SDG at international level.

We have also started working on innovative partnerships to create an eco-system for effective impact of SDG in the given context. This is just a beginning. We hope that the years to come will bring many new initiatives, helping us to strengthen our commitment further in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and bridging the gaps in humanism and human dignity.

I invite you to join our growing community and support us in realizing our vision of inclusive development through your active participation.