Activities & Services

Research and Publication
The Foundation is involved in undertaking Research and Publication related to Sustainable development. It has published a book entitled ‘’ which delves deep on integrated approach to sustainable development with special emphasis on inclusive development in Indian context. The book was released on 26th July 2017 by the Hon’ble Vice President of India followed by international launch on 6th October 2017 in 2017 Rhodes Forum at Rhodes (Greece). For details, refer the . The publication of Hindi and Chinese edition of the book is also in process.

​Media Training
​The Foundation provides research and training programmes for journalists working at the regional level. It holds workshops for regional media personnel on health programmes like immunization, social issues like violence against women and children and education to help them build bridges with marginalized groups. It is aimed at sensitizing journalists at the regional level to look beyond spot coverage of events and state government announcements and involve themselves at the community level.

The foundation has a solid framework for rural journalists to discuss communication challenges and encourage research. We focus on highlighting best practices by rural communities in the field of health and education. Our capacity building programmes for district and rural journalists encourage them to make a connection with communities at the village level and provide them with in-depth and correct information about various education and health programmes to achieve the target of all round development. We also encourage journalists to highlight best practices followed by rural communities in the field of health and education.

MVME 3ID (Mobilization of Voluntary Media Efforts for Integrated International Development Programme Implementation Initiative

In view of need for local know-how for effective development programme implementation at district, block or village level, Nagrik Foundation launched an innovative initiative to include local level media representatives (who usually serve media part-time and have in–dept understanding of local context) in integrated development programme. This was a unique intervention of its kind and perhaps, for the first time in history of the country. This helped not only in facilitating programme implementation through local know-how but also helped in cost effective and transparent monitoring and evaluation of development programmes.

We organize awareness programmes focussing on different sustainable goals. The programme is designed and delivered in view of local need.

Currently the Foundation is actively involved in advocacy on health care for desired regulatory and governance interventions in collaboration with WHO.

Education & Capacity Building
We regularly organize education and training programmes with focus on specific sector needs for implementation of SDGs.

Integrated SDG Consulting
With the help of experts we provide customized SDGs development need assessment and designing the SDGs intervention programmes.