Sector Specific Development Initiatives
September 1, 2018
Titans icy ocean re-created in lab to test submarine: NASA
September 7, 2018

Reaching out to Community Voices

Nagrik Foundation has been actively working on development issues concerning health, education, sanitation and environment for over two decades now. Its interventions are targeted across all sections of society including children, adolescents, women and adult with special focus on advocacy, research, training and capacity building of media professionals and journalists.

The major thrust of Nagrik Foundation is on empowering the community in rural areas especially those who are marginalized and have inadequate awareness about the educational facilities and basic health services, to which they are entitled. To bring about meaningful change in the lives of the marginalized, Nagrik Foundation strives to create a meaningful dialogue between government, organizations, stakeholders and the citizens on issues that concern them. It has been engaging district level media to sharpen their focus on raising the development issues especially public health issues like routine immunisation and sanitation by using innovative means of communication technologies. Nagrik Foundation works in states like UP, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and West Bengal and reaches out to vulnerable communities carrying the message of development forward.

Over the years, the foundation has built a robust foundation not only in development journalism but also initiated health and education programmes to improve the lives of the marginalized population. The organisation is equipped with advanced and hi-tech communication tools, which it has effectively leveraged to communicate with grass -roots workers and media persons working even in remote parts of the country.

Nagrik Foundation is working in Collaboration with many national and international organisations on various development issues. Senior journalists, academicians and jurists are associated with the Foundation and are helping it in achieving the goals. Partnering with the Centre for Media Research and Training and UNICEF-India, with which it has partnered on the issue of Routine Immunisation the foundation used latest technology and media also involving UN Goodwill Ambassadors.


The organisation’s overarching mission is to reach out to the community voices in the interiors of the country through technology and mobilising public support for the cause of health and education for all, environment protection and sanitation, which would lead to sustainable development.