September 7, 2018
Pentavalent Vaccine workshop in Kolkata
September 7, 2018

Human Development for All

Owing to knowledge of health-related issues among the masses and for reaching basic health facilities and routine immunisation programmes at their door-step are major issues impacting the overall health parameters of women and children in rural areas.

The health programmes of Nagrik Foundation focus on increasing access to immunisation services in such areas. It organises health camps in villages with the support of doctors bringing about awareness and health facilities directly at the doorsteps of rural poor.

The educational activities of the organization are directed towards improving access to quality education through teachers training programmes and running camps for children of poor households as part of its focus on equity. The Foundation is involved in organising training programmes for journalists working at the districts and regional level. It organises workshops for regional media persons on health programmes like immunisation, social issues like violence against women and children, and education to help them build bridges with marginalized groups.

The organisation’s aims is to sensitise journalists at the regional level so as to look beyond spot coverage of events or state government announcements but involve themselves at the community level. Nagrik Foundation supports campaigns of public interest. It documents and disseminates developmental news related to social issues and promoting the campaign through print, online and electronic media.

Nagrik Foundation leverages its linkages to reach the district level media to ensure wide-spread media coverage, visibility and awareness on issues like Routine Immunisation. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra was a star attraction to connect district level journalists with adolescent girls during # Fair Start discourse.